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# Advices and knowledge The different types of painting on canvas 2021-12-10 Do you know the difference between acrylic paint and oil paint? At Tableau Depot these are the types of paint we use for our paintings. In this new blog post we will learn and visually recognize the differences between acrylic paint and oil... Read more # Advices and knowledge How long does it take to deliver a painting? What are the delivery terms ? 2021-11-30 Are you wondering how long it will take to receive your painting? In this article we will go through all the steps involved in the design of a painting, to give you an idea of how long it will take to receive your... Read more # Advices and knowledge Canvas printing: Sublimate your work with epoxy 2021-11-16 Have you ever been impressed by a canvas with incredible shine and depth? It was probably an epoxy canva. At Tableau Dépot, we offer canvas printing with epoxy application for an incredible aesthetic result. After giving you our tips to choose the perfect floating frame for your canvas, find out here why... Read more # Advices and knowledge How to choose the best floating frame for your canvas 2021-11-05 WHICH FLOATING FRAME TO CHOOSE TO ENHANCE YOUR PAINTING? Tableau Dépôt offers several models of floating frames for the aesthetic aspect of your paintings. In this new article, we give you our advices to help you choose the right frame for your... Read more # Advices and knowledge New canvas printing service! 2021-11-02 Canvas custom print reflecting your image! Tableau Dépôt offers you its custom canvas printing service: we put on canvas your most beautiful memories, or your most HD images! Because digital photos are often forgotten on a USB key or hard drive, we... Read more # Advices and knowledge Why is Quality Packaging Crucial in Delivering a Painting? 2021-07-05 Frame Packaging and Delivery, at the heart of our company ! Packaging is our responsibility, and we must assure ourselves that the works are packaged securely in order to resist risks of transport, until the destination is... Read more # Advices and knowledge How to choose on hand painted canvas on the web? 2021-06-04 Buying a hand painted canvas just by seeing it on the screen has become commonplace. The emergence of digital galleries democratizes the purchase of artworks online. At the buyer's own risk: how can you tell the difference between the same hand painted canvas when the prices differ by a factor of... Read more # Advices and knowledge 2020-09-25 Vous voulez commander une toile et souhaitez qu’elle sorte le mieux possible et s’intègre parfaitement dans votre espace intérieur ? Voici nos conseils pour un résultat haute définition exceptionnel ! Pour obtenir... Read more # Advices and knowledge What is the difference between a false frame and a floating frame? 2020-09-10 You have found your painting and wish to sublimate it? In addition to the choice of the varnish which has all its importance, to put a frame allows you to bring a touch of esthetics moreover.   Our advice and suggestions to make the best choice of frame! Know that ALL paintings produced... Read more # Advices and knowledge Which varnish to choose for your painting? 2020-09-10 Which varnish to choose for your painting?? You wish to buy a painting on canvas and obtain a quality work that is protected for a long time? The choice of a varnish is thus a determining choice in the purchase of your painting! At... Read more # Advices and knowledge 2020-09-04 Le vernis est une préparation non pigmentée, c’est-à-dire transparente, constituée de liant (résine, gomme, huile,) et de solvant (essence, alcool,). Il est appliqué à la toute dernière étape lors de l’achèvement d’une œuvre. Il possède deux... Read more