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Delivery or pick up time


Delivery or pick up time

All paintings are made by our artists to order, except for paintings ordered in our gallery which are in inventory.
The processing time of a painting ordered online or in our gallery generally varies between 3 and 4 weeks, the addition of an option such as varnish could increase the processing time by a few days, because depending on the texture or paint (acrylic or oil) the drying of the varnish could lengthen the process.
The floating frame option increases the delay by about a week, so allow about 5-6 weeks in total from the date of order.
An unexpected reaction between the impact of COVID-19 and the reduction in production of floating mouldings that occurred last year has led to a worldwide shortage of various machine components and labor. All subcontractors, suppliers and manufacturers who offer high quality mouldings that we purchase to manufacture your float have given us advance notice of the delay.

Some frames such as the :

306-29 black standard
306-22 white standard
343-23 stainless steel
306-09 black lacquered
306-02. White lacquer
620-49 floating large black
342-29 Floating delux black
342-13 Floating delux stainless steel

Have less impact on the time frame
Other mouldings not listed here may cause additional delays.
COVID-19 (or pandemic) has forced individuals, families and businesses, like ours, to adapt to new and disruptive challenges, including supply and demand disruptions and economic uncertainties.
If you still can't find what you're looking for, or if you have any other questions about delivery times, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to answer all your questions within 24 hours!