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About us

Tableaudepot was created in April 2013, following our many trips to the south of India, our country of origin, we met artisans of all kinds whose quality and values ​​were poorly exploited.

We love art as well as decoration, hence the idea of creating a company that offers very reasonable prices for quality handpaintings on custom canvas and online across Quebec and Ontario.

From simple advice to the implementation and realization of your custom canvas project, we are committed to providing you with the best possible satisfaction. Quality finish of our paintings and high-end framing for an unbeatable value for money across Canada!

"We often hear from our clients or professionals that we occupy a very rare position ... This is how we today modestly pretend to believe it is a truth."

We are committed to retaining our customers in the medium and long term.

Word of mouth is our best advertisement. This is the reason why we work in a relationship of trust with our customers.

Whether you are an individual or a professional, your goals are the same:

Yes to the aesthetics of the canvas but not only, because you are unique, and it reflects the image of your decor, we believe that all arts should be PERSONALIZED and differentiating.

Surrounded by a team of experts, we are a source of ideas and will do everything possible to realize your project!

Olivier ILANGO & Guilhem Dubuc

Co-owners of Tableaudepôt