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How do you operate?

The objective of tableaudepot is not to promote your name as an artist or your reputation but to highlight your creativity, your talent and your designs, in other words we will highlight your creativity so that you can be monetarily rewarded.

Do I have to bring my paintings physically to your gallery?

We need you to send us a nice high definition photo of your painting by email, your paintings will be put on the website of With each sale of your painting you will receive a commission of your choice, we will reproduce your painting on canvas and send it to our customers. All reproduction is done by our employed artists, we only sell your design that we reproduce. Tableaudepot only sells paintings on canvas (acrylic or oil), we do not do any digital printing, all your selected works will be reproduced by our company and signed by our trademark Topedy. The photos of your works and the characteristics will be displayed on the site of, the name of your works will be created logically always by the first letter of your name followed by a number, example of the selection of paintings of one of our artists: Take a look... Your network will be able to easily find your works with the site's search function and your unique artist code.

How many paintings / designs can I sell with

We select a maximum of 10 paintings/designs per artist to be displayed on our website.

How do you pay commissions?

Commissions are paid at the end of each month, when you decide to collaborate with us, you will choose beforehand the amount of commission desired per sale, The artist decides on his commission, at Tableaudepot we have basic rates that vary according to the category of canvas and the size selected, from these we will increase the price of the work according to your requested commission, you are free to choose your commission, but we strongly suggest not to exceed 100$/unit to keep the sale price interesting and affordable for the customers. Each use of your work/design in whole or in part will bring you the commission.

Is it possible to have more information?

Contact us by email at or fill in the form.

Collaborate and receive your commission per painting sold!

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